About Us

About Us

140 FMT Towboat Photo At Sunset - Horizon Shipbuilding

Experience and Commitment

Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc. is located on an 18′ dredged inlet off Mississippi Sound and the Intercoastal Waterway and is adjacent to Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Easily accessible by water, Bayou La Batre is located approximately 30 miles south of Mobile, which is served by a regional airport, heavy shipping (Alabama State Docks), and rail (Amtrak and CSX). Exit 10 from Interstate 10 provides easy road access, as does U. S. Highway 90, and “the Bayou” is located directly on AL Route 188. These air, sea, and land transportation links, coupled with an extremely moderate climate, make Horizon highly accessible throughout the year. This situation readily facilitates rapid materials acquisition and resupply and, combined with a good skilled labor supply, Horizon is able to offer round-the-clock and round-the-calendar production efforts.

The shipyard is located on thirty-five fenced acres of land. The main facility and the “West Yard” are separated by the bayou on an 18′ deep dredged inlet off Mississippi Sound and the Intracoastal Waterway and located adjacent to Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Two additional acres, next to the shipyard, provide parking for the Horizon’s experienced workforce.

With its acquisition and development of its “West Yard” facilities, Horizon has tripled its production capacity. Located directly across the Bayou from its main yard, the “West Yard” adds about 22 acres to Horizon’s footprint, including 3,000 feet of waterfront, three production bays, and multiple launch ways. The West Yard has recently being used to produce forty each 41’-7” crew boats in twenty months.

Horizon Shipbuilding maintains a proactive approach to health, safety, security and the environment, and constantly strives to build upon its current safety culture. Safety remains Horizon’s top priority and the company continues to work toward preventing all accidents. In order to accomplish these goals, Horizon Shipbuilding staff and employees conduct the following:


  • Inspect facilities daily to ensure that employees,contractors and guests are provided with clean, healthy facilities
  • Maintain a blood borne pathogen control plan
  • Provide first aid care to injured or sick personnel. Horizon Shipbuilding is equipped with trained personnel in first aid, CPR and AED.
  • The Bayou La Batre Fire Department first responders are less than a mile away from the shipyard and respond to Horizon in less than five minutes in an emergency.

Horizon has continually improved its safety record since the company’s inception. In summary, Horizon:

  • Maintains strict compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations. Apply company regulations for hazards in which no current regulation exist.
  • Provides employees, contractors and guests with personal protective equipment in order to ensure that all personnel have the proper equipment to protect them from hazards.
  • Maintains a proactive approach to safety by conducting routine inspections of all facilities, ensuring all hazards are reduced and eliminated.
  • Horizon’s collaborative software system (GORDHEAD) allows management and supervision to work closely in “real time,” ensuring swift enforcement of any and all HSSE violations and facilitating follow-up to ensure issues are handled in the correct manner.
  • Provides year-round employee training in confined spaces, confined space rescue team, equipment training and much more.


  • Horizon Shipbuilding ensures access control and employee security by having an on-duty guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • All personnel entering Horizon Shipbuilding property must check in at the security office prior to gaining access to the facility
  • All employees are required to have badges on them at all times and are not allowed to enter Horizon Property without their badge.
  • Security conducts routine roving patrols to ensure that the facility, equipment and personnel remain safe and secure from any outside threats.


  • Record all waste that is generated on site and ensure that all waste is properly disposed of by a waste disposal company.
  • Conduct routine inspections of all waterways to ensure that our waterways remain free of trash and waste
  • Conduct semi-annual storm water run-off testing in order to ensure that no pollutants are entering the waterways adjacent to the shipyard

Horizon’s HSSE program is administered by a dedicated safety director and is fully supported by management with the full cooperation of all employees. Horizon maintains personnel trained and certified in first aid, CPR, AED, high angle and confined space rescue, shipyard competent person, hazardous material and safety at heights.

Horizon is confident in its ability to build you the boat you need, the way you want it built, within budget and on schedule. If you build one boat with us, you will want to build the rest of your boats with us!

Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc.
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