2015 Innovator of the Year Award

Horizon Shipbuilding Inc. Receives 2015 Innovator of the Year Award

Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc., Bayou La Batre, AL, has been presented with the 2015 “Innovator of the Year” award by the Mobile Alabama Chamber of Commerce. Horizon’s GORDHEAD collaboration software will revolutionize the way shipbuilders and other manufacturers conduct business. What is GORDHEAD? GORDHEAD is Horizon’s new “brain”; a brain that Horizon management and supervision access to share problems and quickly arrive at collaborative solutions, the end result being a team that moves in the same direction at the same time. The collaborative process is streamlined and goals are more quickly achieved, without the normal headaches caused by lack of communication. GORDHEAD answers questions that so many managers struggle with daily. Questions like:

– Why can’t my team get on the same page?

– Why can’t I get my team to focus on my direction?

– Why can’t I find out where is my project heading? For that matter, why can’t I track my project in real-time?

– Why can’t I get a real-time and accurate assessment of my project?

– Why can’t I get all the same information to everyone on my team at the same time?

– Why can’t I make individual members of my team accountable?

– Why can’t I check on my team’s progress without interrupting them?

– Why can’t I manage my work without having to use multiple software systems?

GORDHEAD addresses these concerns and more. With GORDHEAD Horizon is able to manage its projects like no other builder in the industry. Horizon created and utilizes GORDHEAD to enable its management and production teams to communicate in seconds, not hours, days or weeks. The software provides the ability to share drawings, specifications, schedules and other necessary information with Horizon’s production leaders and in turn with the craft building the vessels. Each production leader carries a ruggedized wireless computer pad that allows them to stay connected to their project at all times. They are able to pull up the latest revisions of drawings, read the contract specifications, order necessary material, review the project schedule…pretty much anything the project requires; all while being at their work site on the boat. This forward thinking approach not only aids in better communication between craft, management and customers but also makes accountability equal among all, from the production leader to the President of Horizon Shipbuilding and everyone in between.

A unique characteristic of this system is that Horizon’s customers are able to join in the use of GORDHEAD to track, in real time, the progress of their vessel. The customer representative can be part of the discussions, monitor progress and even review the real-time production schedule. All issues, information and communication are readily available with a click of the mouse. Each production task is tracked using GORDHEAD from beginning of design to delivery of the vessel. One significant advantage is that customers can be a part of the production process without actually being on the premises.

All aspects of the project are within the GORDHEAD framework. Typical file sharing websites allow the sharing of files but those sites lack the ability to communicate with one another and track progress or comment on the progression of the contract. Horizon’s customers have an enhanced comfort level, knowing that day or night all they have to do is log on to determine the status of their project in real-time.

In addition, Horizon’s payroll, accounting and scheduling software is integrated into GORDHEAD and real-time reports are immediately available. Report data is automatically synchronized with the external software and reports are generated automatically with a push of a button.

The GORDHEAD collaboration software assures that Horizon’s customers are having their concerns addressed and their needs met thereby receiving the best vessels on the market today at competitive prices.

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