Aerial view of Horizon Shipbuilding facility

Aerial view of Horizon Shipbuilding facility

Salient production features of Horizon’s facility are as follows:

  • Adjacent to 150’ wide, 18’ deep waterway
  • 180’ X 50’ X 18’ deep slip for launching and retrieving vessels with 660-ton Travelift
  • Nine steel buildings for fabrication and construction
  • Turning basin for compass and electronic adjustments adjacent to shipyard
  • Three miles from Mobile Bay and ship channel
  • Fifteen miles from Interstate 10 and railway access

The main administration offices contain, under the offices, two bays each 150’ X 50’. One bay is occupied by two 40’ plasma cutting tables, which are served by a 10-ton overhead crane. The main bay is used as a secure warehouse for contractor and customer furnished materials and is served by a 7-½ ton overhead crane. Administrative and engineering officers are on the top floor.

The two 175’ X 50’ construction buildings are used principally for the construction and outfitting of boats and boat modules. These buildings are strategically located on the shipyard to maximize utilization of the 660-ton Travelift which was purchased new in 2008. Horizon has over 36,000 square feet of manufacturing space under cover and more than 40,000 square feet of concrete construction area not under cover. Various other buildings include pipe and electrical shops. Several concrete construction platens support ship construction.

Horizon’s panel shop houses two hydraulic metal-working machines and is also utilized as a preparation shop by the outside machinists. The metal-working machines are used to sheer and prepare angle and other shapes used in the construction of hull and house structures. These machines reduce fabrication time, increase accuracy, and provide smooth welding surfaces in joints.

Horizon’s administrative and technical facilities (top floor of main building) will accommodate the project staff required to manage every aspect of your project. The office has a large conference room and over 4,000 square feet of office space for project engineering and other administrative staff. Working drawings and drawing revisions are performed on in-house AUTOCAD and SHIPCONSTRUCTOR systems. Computers for controlling the plasma cutting tables are located in the Engineering office. Horizon has the capability to print full size color or black and white drawings from an HP plotter.

The shipyard has a full array of heavy equipment and rolling stock to support production throughout the shipyard. Primary yard equipment available for fabrication, construction, and launching are listed below.

  • 660-ton Travelift for transferring and launching of vessels
  • Manitowoc model 888 230-ton crawler crane
  • Grove 45-ton hydraulic crane
  • Grove 30-ton hydraulic crane
  • Grove 22-ton hydraulic crane
  • Two (2) Grove 18-ton cherry pickers
  • Ingersoll-Rand 8,000 pound capacity extended lift forklift
  • Two (2) Ingersoll-Rand 10,000 pound capacity extended lift forklift
  • Hyster 15-ton forklift
  • Case model 580 forklift
  • Mitsubishi 2000 lb forklift
  • 40’-reach man-lift
  • 60’-reach man-lift
  • 10-ton R&M Overhead Crane to support plasma shop
  • 7 ½-ton Deshazo Overhead Crane to support production bay
  • 7 ½-ton Deshazo Overhead Crane to support warehouse
  • Two (2) 10-ton R&M Overhead Cranes to support main yard primary production bay
  • Two (2) 10-ton R&M Overhead Cranes to support west yard primary production bay
  • Two (2) 5-ton R&M Overhead Cranes to support west yard fabrication bay
  • Two (2) 5-ton R&M Overhead Cranes to support west yard outfitting bay

The shipyard is equipped with all necessary cutting and welding equipment for steel and aluminum fabrication. The centerpiece of the fabrication process is the computer controlled plasma cutting equipment which utilizes two 40’ cutting tables. This and other fabrication equipment are listed below:

  • ALLtra Model PG14-12 Shape Cutting Machine
    The ALLtra Model PG14-12 Shape Cutting Machine is a CNC controlled gantry designed for cutting complex shapes for sheet or plate materials. It is capable of producing parts at high speeds and close tolerances and fully utilizes the latest plasma technology. The machine is easily configured for plasma or oxy/fuel shape cutting processes and can be customized for special applications. Horizon’s application utilizes the Hypertherm HPR260 plasma cutter controlled by the Burny 10 LCD shape cutting motion controller using MTC ProNest 8 nesting software.
  • Piranha P-90 Ironworker
    Six (6) workstations are designed for ease of operation featuring automatic material hold downs and punch strippers.
  • Piranha P-120 Ironworker
    120 tons of punching capacity – can punch a 1 1/2″ hole in 1″ material or a 5″ hole in 1/4″ material

Other welding/cutting equipment include:

  • Over 120 welding units with wire feeders for MIG welding
  • TIG and welders
  • Tracks for submerged arc welding
  • Handheld plasma cutting units
  • Welding and gas leads and welding whips

Primary shipyard equipment for blasting and painting are listed below:

  • 6-ton capacity double outlet blast pots
  • 20-ton capacity blast media storage silos
  • Sandblasting outfits with hoods and breathing hoses
  • 5-gallon portable paint pots
  • Airless spray guns
  • Miscellaneous paint pots, brushes, and hand tools.

Horizon has fully equipped machine, electrical, and pipe shops. All piping and installation of main propulsion, electrical, and auxiliary equipment is performed in-house. Machining of shafts, rudder stocks, steering gear and other inside machine shop work is subcontracted to an ABS certified machine shop. Depending on workload, much of the carpentry and outfitting of vessels is subcontracted to an experienced joinery company.